Thanks For A Great Two Weeks

These past two weeks have been some of the best in my life.  Laura and I have both said these weeks around Jack’s birth are in the same category as the two weeks around our wedding.  Both were life shaping, filled with more blessings than we ever dared pray for and better than we ever imagined.

So, I’m grateful this morning.  I’m in awe of God, His kindness and His grace.  I’m so aware of just how amazing my wife is.  I’m so grateful the beautiful little boy napping by the fire while I write this is my son.

And I’m grateful for the staff team at Frontline and The Gathering, especially our campus pastors.  Will, Nate and Mike have stepped up in huge ways to preach, to lead and to keep everything moving while I’ve taken a step back these past two weeks.  They are three of the best guys I know and I’m blessed to serve with them.  Yes, they’re friends and I’m biased but, Frontliners, you should know you have some of the best campus pastors imaginable.

When you pray for your campus pastor, I hope you are filled with the same sense of gratitude for them that I am.

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