Today Can Be A Fresh Start

I love big moments that signify fresh starts.  New Year’s really is one of my favorite holidays.  Baptisms are one of the best things we do in church.  New socks are amazing and I’m a total sucker for a new journal.  I love fresh starts.

But you don’t need a big moment for a fresh start.  Most of the time, you just need a sunrise.  Each day brings new mercy and each day brings new potential.  Today can be the day you start a workout plan, call the friend you’ve been meaning to, get your finances under control, read the Bible or go back to a long neglected hobby.

So often I’ll wait to make a change in my life until the next big moment.  Or I’ll try to manufacture a big moment.  I don’t need the moment, I need the change!  Same is true for you – don’t put it off.  Start today.  The sun coming up is all the permission you need to start living life differently.

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