Running For Time Or For Distance?

There are two different ways to workout on a treadmill.  You can either run for time or run for distance.  In the first case, the goal is to simply keep moving for an allotted time.  It doesn’t matter how fast you go or how far you go – just keep moving until the little countdown clock gets to zero.  In the second case, the goal is to move a set distance.  When you cover the distance, you’re done.  Doesn’t matter if it took you 20 minutes or 2 hours – it wasn’t about filling time, it was about covering distance.

The last thing I’m trying to be is your personal trainer.  But I do want to ask this question: which approach do you take to your work day?

Are you just running for time?  You’ve got to be there from 9-5 so you’re going to be there from 9-5 no matter what.  You’ll put in the time but the results are secondary.  Who cares how much you got done or how much value you added…let the boss worry about that!  Or are you running for distance?  Are you trying to accomplish certain things every day?  Do you give yourself the freedom to leave early if you get everything done you wanted to accomplish?

Are you results oriented or just doing time?

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