A Letter To My Friends At MBC: A New Season Of Ministry

Hello, friends.

It’s hard for me to believe it’s already been four months since I transitioned out of my role as the Teaching Pastor of Frontline.  As much as I’ve missed serving you in that capacity, I’ve also been grateful for the opportunity to serve the Senior Leadership Team of MBC as we continue to walk through a season of strategic transformation.  Working on the transition has allowed me to cheer and pray for you in new ways and only increased my respect for your campus pastors and leaders.

During this time, Laura and I have also been processing what the Lord is doing in our lives and where he’s leading us in ministry.  After much prayer and many conversations with close friends, the Lord has made it clear that our season of serving at MBC has come to an end.  My last day with MBC will be Friday, August 2nd and our little family will be headed to Raleigh, North Carolina to participate in a church planting residency through The Summit Church.  Laura and I are simultaneously thrilled at the doors the Lord has opened and saddened to be leaving such a great church and team.

As we transition into this new phase, I want you to know how grateful I am for the privilege of serving you.  I’ve been so inspired by your faith, your desire to grow spiritually and your love for Jesus.  God has used you to mark my life in so many ways and I’m a better pastor because of you.

You are part of a great church and I know God has so many plans to use your life for His glory in this city.  I believe in you and I’ll be praying for you from Raleigh.   Nothing would make me happier than hearing stories of you making an even greater impact in DC in the years to come and I absolutely believe it’s possible.

Thanks for allowing me to walk alongside you.  I’m blessed to call you friends.

For Christ’s Fame,

John McGowan

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