Here’s To Better Blogging

I have found it almost impossible to write a good blog post for more months than I can count.  If you’re a regular reader, I’m not telling you anything new.  I’m simply getting what you already know out on the table.  I feel like it’s good just to say things out loud.  In my experience, it’s also what allows us to turn a corner.

It’s not that I haven’t had a lot to say.  It’s that it hasn’t been the right time for me to say any of it.  I’ve been living under a bit of a self-imposed gag order when it comes to what God has really been stirring up in my life.  I just didn’t think it helped anyone for me to be writing, “so, Laura and I feel called to plant a church and are constantly dreaming and praying about what that could look like.”  That might have been a bit of a distraction while we were still serving at MBC.

But this past Friday was my last day on staff at MBC.  I’m still trying to process the enormity of that change in our lives and will undoubtedly write more about that when I have had space to process personally.  But fully processed or not, we’ve turned a corner.  I’m a church planter now and the thing that is beating in our hearts is now fair game for this blog.  Honestly, I’m excited.  I love writing these posts and if they encourage you, that’s an added bonus and a huge answer to prayer.

So, thanks for continuing to read.  Hopefully, better blogs are right around the corner!

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