Tuesday Prayer Post

For years, I’ve sent an email to a personal prayer team almost every Tuesday morning.  I’ve loved doing that for a few reasons:

– I’ll take all the prayer I can get

– It’s a weekly reminder that everything I really care about will only happen by God’s grace

– It’s one simple way to stay connected to the community of faith

Starting today, we’re reshuffling the tradition a bit.  Instead of an email, I’m going to post specific prayer requests to this blog.  If you just want to read ’em and get a sense of what we’re up to, fine.  If you’re actually led to pray, that would be awesome!  Either way, here’s some focuses for this week:

1.  Renting Out Our Townhouse.  We’ve had the townhouse on the market for just over two weeks at this point.  We’ve had a bunch of showings but no rental applications yet.  We would love to see that change and keep asking the Lord to bring us the right tenant in His timing.

2.  Unity In Our Marriage.  Church planting is pretty much an open invitation to spiritual attack.  One of Satan’s favorite targets is marriages and we are asking the Lord to keep us united, abiding in Jesus, assuming the best of one another and finding time to connect as a couple.

3.  Grace In Saying Goodbye To People We Love.  The hardest part of leaving DC is the people we love in this city.  Yes, we absolutely plan to stay in touch and stay connected but it is totally different when you live in a different city.  So, we’re trying to get time with people before we leave…the only problem is there are way more people than time!  So, we’re asking the Lord to give us the grace we need to say goodbye well and be ready to move to Raleigh on the 15th of this month.

That’s just scratching the surface of what we are praying…but I don’t want to throw too much out on our first installment.  Thanks for praying.  If there are ways we can be praying for you, leave a comment.  It would be an honor to pray for you.

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