Tuesday Prayer Post

Yes, the Tuesday Prayer Post is coming on a Wednesday.  If anything, that should give you an idea of how to be praying for us this week!

I was in Raleigh on Monday and Tuesday of this week and am now back in DC until we move on Thursday morning.  So, we are in the final stages of preparing to move – things go to storage today, we need to finish packing and then tomorrow we load the truck and head to Raleigh.  We’ll spend Thursday night in Richmond with Laura’s family and then move in on Friday.  Lord willing, we will all go to sleep in the new apartment on Friday evening…yes, I can’t wait to actually get to that point!

All I know at this point is that wherever we plant, we’re staying there for life!  Moving isn’t much fun.  Moving with a six month old is even less fun.  Moving with a six month old and knowing we’re going to do it again in 9 months is even harder.  But we keep reminding ourselves that we never made the move to church planting because it was the easy path.  We did it because we felt called to sacrifice to accomplish what the Lord is calling us to do. So, we’re tired this week but not discouraged.

Having said that, I would love your prayers for every aspect of this move.  Pray for logistics, safe travels, few snags and unity between Laura and I as we juggle a lot these days.  Apparently, the one thing you don’t need to pray for is the weather – the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful few days to get this done!!

I won’t post again until the weekend but look forward to settling into life in Raleigh and a more regular blogging rhythm.

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