Tuesday Prayer Post

So, this whole church planting thing is really happening.

That’s the one thought I have had over and over again since I last posted.  It’s been a crazy week: we moved a bunch of stuff into storage on Wednesday, moved out on Thursday, moved in on Friday, started settling on Saturday, collapsed in exhaustion on Sunday and started living life in RDU on Monday.  Whew…no wonder I’m still a little tired!  But now that we are here, this whole church planting thing feels very real.

Here are some ways you can be praying for us this week:

1.  Getting the townhouse in Sterling rented out quickly.  Now that we are out of the house and paying rent in NC, I would love to see someone snatch it up quickly.

2.  Grace in getting settled into life in RDU.  We have hundreds of small details to take care of but are really focused on getting Jack back on a schedule, sleeping well and in a bit of a routine.  So far, he’s doing okay but is definitely a little off schedule.

3.  Clarity around vision.  We are already starting the process of putting vision to paper for this new church plant.  While still in the earliest stages, we are all sensing the need for great clarity as these first steps will impact so many others to come.

4.  Connecting to community.  We attended a Summit service in person for the first time this past Sunday and loved it!  We can’t wait to get plugged into community with this church and really get involved.

5.  Resting in the gospel.  Our adequacy for all of this doesn’t come from our strength, experience, talent or ability.  It comes from Jesus and His call on our lives.  I love that truth so much but struggle to remember it so often.  Please pray we can keep this reality in focus.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  We need them now more than ever before in our ministry.

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