Tuesday Prayer Post – 09.17.13

It seems like I’ve been following a pretty standard format for as long as I’ve been writing these prayer updates.  It goes something like this: warm greeting followed by 3 bullet points to pray over and a closing that thanks you for praying.  It’s a nice format.  It works a lot of the time.  But not all of the time.  And definitely not today.

I just don’t have three points in me right now.  So, if you’re okay with it, I’m just going to tell you what’s on my mind and let you pray for me however you want.  

In Psalm 2 we are told to “rejoice with trembling.”  I kind of feel like that should be every church planter’s theme verse.  It pretty much encapsulates everything running through my heart and mind these days.  There are moments of pure exhilaration when you’re planting a church – moments when vision seems so clear and compelling, moments when you see Jesus working to actively build His church and moments when you are overwhelmed at His goodness and faithfulness.  And there are moments when the enormity of it all causes us to tremble – am I really up to this?  how are we going to pay for all of this?  will anyone actually come to this church?  btw, where should this church even be?  I could go on but that short list has already spiked my blood pressure!  

It’s a wonderful thing and an overwhelming thing to plant a church.  Ultimately, God uses both the rejoicing and the trembling to keep us abiding in Christ, in awe of God’s glory and serving in humility.  So, I’m not asking Him to take either away.  I’m just praying for the grace to lead well, hear His voice and obey what He’s telling me to do.  As long as He empowers me to do that well, I’m pretty sure He’ll take care of building the church.

So, that’s where I’m at this afternoon.  That’s what’s running through my head.  I figure you can take it from here and pray as you see fit.


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