The Fog Is Lifting!

This is the most significant week of our church planting residency so far.  It’s a turning point for us – not one that was scheduled but one I’m really grateful for and have been anticipating for a while.  It feels like this is the week the fog is lifting.

We’ve spent these last seven weeks thinking through the foundations of our church.  Big things like mission, values, culture and vision.  It’s been a time filled with reading, praying, dreaming, talking, listening and searching.  And it’s honestly been harder than I had anticipated.  It was like all the ingredients were laid out in front of me but I couldn’t quite see how they fit together into a coherent recipe.  That can be a scary place.

But it’s starting to come together.  And I’m starting to get excited.  I can see a rough picture of what this church is going to look like and it’s the kind of church I’ve always wanted to attend.  I can’t wait to see what God does with it all.

The trick is reminding myself that we aren’t there yet.  There’s still more clarity needed.  Yes, we’re 80% of the way there but this last 20% is the key.  So, please, pray for clarity.  Pray for vision to crystalize.  Pray for values to be refined.  Pray God breathes what He wants into the life of this church.  And, yes, pray for a name!

As much as I love the thought of planting the church I’ve always wanted to attend, I’m even more concerned with planting a biblical church that is faithful to what God is calling us to do.  We need a huge amount of prayer to see that come to life, so please keep interceding on our behalf.

I’m so grateful for you and appreciate your prayers more than you can imagine.

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