Growing Anticipation

God continues to bring this whole church plant to life and we’re so grateful for all He is doing.  We’ve really been pressing into mission, vision, values, names and locations and have seen the Lord do so much to bring clarity in all of those areas.  We still have a way to go but the blueprint is starting to take shape and I’m loving it.

Along the way, I keep having two thoughts:

1.  I’m incredibly grateful for The Summit Church and The Summit Network.  We really love this church and are so grateful for the spiritual encouragement it has been to both of us.  We feel loved, cared for and very much at home here and that’s a massive gift to us.  I’ve learned so much about leading, pastoring and church culture and can see how so much of Summit is going to work its way into our plant.  All of that is a long way of saying the Lord is phenomenally gracious and has been so kind to us.

2.  I need to blog more.  I’m not going to make any grand promises here but I really want to be better about this.  There’s just way too much going on in us to get it all out in one or two posts per week.  So, be praying that I am disciplined in making the time to write more.  I guess that assumes you would like more posts…if not, feel free to skip that prayer request!

The other thing I would like to ask you to pray for is wisdom.  If you’re tracking with this blog, you’re probably getting the sense that we’re closing in on some major decisions and that’s true.  By the end of this month, we’re going to be able to share a lot more specifics.  All of that means I need tremendous wisdom over the next few weeks as I pray through launch teams, fundraising, locations, names and possible staffing options.  There’s a lot going on and I just need wisdom from the Lord.  So, please, be praying the Lord continues to provide the wisdom He promises.

Thanks for your willingness to pray for us.

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