Whew…What A Month!

There’s hardly been a day this month when I haven’t wanted to blog and yet I’ve done a pretty miserable job of actually getting around to it.  Not cool – there’s so much I wish I had been able to capture.  Laura and I spent a week in DC having meetings, praying over locations and getting more excited than ever about planting in DC.  The only down side to the trip was Jack getting the flu – turns out sick infants and hotel rooms are a really unfortunate combination!  After that, we went to Baltimore for Thanksgiving.  I also got to preach at the Chapel Hill Campus and spent three amazing days on a retreat with the other Summit residents.  We’ve also hosted our 2nd launch team meeting in RDU.  Add into that many meetings with potential launch team members and some great times with family and it’s been a totally packed but wonderful month.

But life is finally starting to return to manageable (or maybe I’m just learning how to handle the chaos better!) and I’m looking forward to more regular posts in the months ahead.  But for today, I wanted to give you an update on how you can be praying for us:

1.  Clear Commitments To Join The Launch Team.  Since our initial interest meeting in November, I’ve been talking with many university students, young professionals and families about making the move to DC with us in the middle of May.  Almost all are looking forward to the upcoming break (whether that’s a month off for the college types or a few days for others) as a time to get space to pray through the decision.  I’m praying the Lord uses this season to give people the space to process this decision and get clarity on where He’s leading them.

2.  DC Interest Meeting.  Interest in Restoration City is growing to the point where we are going to be hosting an Interest Meeting in DC in January.  We’ll be able to share more info at the end of this week but please be praying the Lord brings the right people alongside us for this time.

3.  Rest Over The Break.  It’s been a really busy fall and Laura and I are looking forward to shutting down from December 23rd – January 1st.  It’s going to be a great time to connect as a family and spend time with both sets of grandparents.  Please be praying we are able to rest in the midst of all the activity.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, your love and your encouragement.  It means so much to us as we are on this journey.  Laura and I are praying you have a wonderful Christmas.

And I promise it won’t be another month until I post!