1 Team, 2 Cities

The last few weeks have seen a huge shift in our journey to plant Restoration City Church.  Our launch team now has members living in both RDU and in DC itself!  That’s an amazing thought and a massive encouragement as we continue on this journey of planting RCC.

There are days when I can’t decide which is more extraordinary – that people in RDU are uprooting their lives to move to DC for the sake of the gospel or that there are already people in DC who are latching on to the vision of a church that hasn’t even made it to the city yet.  Honestly, I think they’re both extraordinary.  And they are both reminders of God’s faithfulness and His promise to build His church.

What we’re getting to experience isn’t based on our merit, our ability or our potential.  It’s based on the grace of God and His desire to bring restoration to Washington, DC.  It’s based on the power of the gospel that is constantly bearing fruit and increasing (Col.1:6).

Our challenge is to remember that we aren’t two separate teams.  We’re one team living in two cities.  And to remind us of that, we’re going to try something new at this Sunday’s Launch Team Meeting.  Our launch team is going to be meeting simultaneously in RDU and DC and we’re going to be linking those meetings through a video connection.  One, I sure hope this works!  And, two, I can’t wait to have our whole team joined together!

So, if you’re thinking about joining our launch team, this is a great weekend to get to either the DC or RDU meeting.

See you on Sunday,


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