The Aftermath of An Empty Tomb

The resurrection gives me all the hope I need to plant a church.

In case you’ve never done it before, planting a church is pretty hard.  It’s a lot like starting a business staffed entirely by volunteers with a vision to change the world and barely enough money to pay the bills.  Add in a little spiritual warfare, no facilities and your own sinfulness and it’s a pretty daunting scenario.  Sure, we romanticize all of that when we talk about it at conferences but in the moment, it’s a little intimidating.

But there’s an empty tomb that speaks to all of that.

The God we follow can’t even be held back by death.  Jesus’ resurrection confirms that all things really are possible for God.  People counted Jesus out on Friday and started to move on that Saturday.  They factored Him out of their hopes, dreams and plans for the future.  But then there was Sunday.  God showed that the final word is His.

Don’t count God out in the life of a church plant.  And don’t count God out in your life either.  The tomb confirms Jesus’ promise to bring life to all who would believe.  The tomb confirms that Jesus really is the divine Son of God.  The tomb confirms that Jesus really has authority over all things.

Where is life causing you to lean on God like never before?  For me, it’s planting a church.  What is it for you?  It’s the thing that keeps you up at night.  It’s the thing you just aren’t sure is going to work out.  It’s the place you’re afraid God might let you down.

If the grave didn’t overwhelm Jesus, you won’t either.  He can handle your fear, your pain, your brokenness and your needs.  He’s already made provision on the cross to deal with your greatest problem – sin and death.  He’s not going to die for you and then leave you on your own in this life!  So, be encouraged.  There’s an empty tomb that shouts hope to you and me today.

Live in the aftermath of that tomb.  Easter didn’t end last night.  The promise of resurrection is still our hope this morning.

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