John Newton on The Character of a Christian

“The dignity, offices, blood, righteousness, faithfulness, and compassion of the Redeemer, in whom he rests, trusts and lives, for wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, are adequate to all his wants and wishes, provide him with an answer to every objection, and give him no less confidence in God, than if he were sinless as an angel: for he sees, that though sin has abounded in him, grace has much more abounded in Jesus. With respect to the past, all things are become new; with respect to the present and future, he leans upon an almighty arm, and relies upon the word and power which made and upholds the heavens and the earth. Though he feels himself unworthy of the smallest mercies, he claims and expects the greatest blessings that God can bestow; and being rooted and grounded in the knowledge and love of Christ, his peace abides, and is not greatly affected, either by the variation of his own frames, or the changes of God’s dispensations towards him while here.”

– John Newton, former slave trader turned follower of Jesus, on the character of a Christian.  “Select Letters of John Newtown, Letter 29”

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