Day of Prayer & Fasting

The Restoration City Prayer Team meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month to pray over our launch team, leadership, church and DC.  Up to this point, those meetings have happened in Durham.  Starting next month, those meetings will be held in DC.  But we’re doing something different in May.  Rather than attend a meeting, I’m asking the entire team to set aside this Thursday, May 15th, as a day of prayer and fasting.

If you want in, you can join us by doing two things:

1.  Fasting in some form.  Maybe that means skipping lunch or not watching tv or staying off social media or not eating at all.  The specifics are between you and God.  But fasting is a wonderful way of focusing us on our dependance on God.  It’s not about punishing ourselves or giving something up so God will be impressed with our devotion.  It’s about taking something out of our lives that we’ll miss to remind us that what we really need in life is Jesus.

2.  Carve out 45 minutes to pray.  I know that seems like a crazy long time for a lot of us!  But don’t worry – we’re going to post a prayer guide to this blog as well as distribute it to the email list of people who regularly pray for the church.  Just figure out when you’re going to pray – first thing in the morning, at lunch, in the evening…whenever it’s good for you.  We’ll give you some ideas on how to use the time.

We’re going after something specific on Thursday.  We’re at a critical stage in our negotiations with a potential venue for RCC to start meeting in this fall.  We’re asking God to fight on our behalf.  We’re asking Him to open the door for us and to give us this space as a location for our church.  So, if you’re willing to pray with us, we would love to have you!

Check back here on Thursday for the full prayer guide.

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