Guide For RCC’s Day of Prayer & Fasting

Our church family is scattered all over the country today.  But we’re standing united in prayer.  We’re standing united in faith and belief that our God is able to do whatever He pleases.  He’s able to secure a venue for us.  He’s able to open doors that no man can close.  We believe He’s made it clear where our church is to gather this fall and now we need Him to move and secure that venue.  As our negotiations with the venue hit a critical point, we’re setting aside today for prayer and fasting to ask God for this venue.

I pray the Spirit will call each of us to our knees, maybe even our faces, to intercede on behalf of our church “home”.  We are asking for a heavenly invasion, a supernatural move of God in this natural world, a softening of hearts and an assenting of wills so that we can set down roots as a body and dig into our ministry.

Please use the following scriptures to guide your intercession and if the Spirit leads you to another passage, by all means, follow Him there!

– Numbers 13:17-30 (just as the scouts spied out the Promised Land, so RCC by God’s guidance has spied out our “Promised Land” and now we look to Him to move so that we can “go up and take possession of the land”)

-Isaiah 45:1-8 (as we are now the Lord’s anointed, who DO acknowledge Him, we pray that He would go before us to subdue the opposition, to “open doors so that gates will not be shut….level the mountains and cut through bars of iron”)

-Isaiah 52:7-12 (praying that the Lord of Hosts, Almighty God, would lay bare His holy arm on our behalf, that as we “carry the vessels of the Lord” into DC that “the Lord will go before [us] and be [our] rear guard”)

-Psalm 16 (we rest in the assurance that the Sovereign of the universe has ordained “the times and places set for us” and thus “the boundary lines” fall in pleasant places for us- we set Him only and always before us and thus we will not be shaken)

-Psalm 46 (exalting that God IS our strength, He is within us and therefore “we will not fall; God will help [us] at break of day”- we pray that God would be known, that He would “be exalted among the nations and in the earth” and particularly in Washington, DC)

-Psalm 97 (we are glad because our God reigns, “righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne” and “He guards the lives of His faithful ones”)

-Matthew 17:20 (may we have mustard seed faith, to move mountains and claim the territory that God has given us)

God doesn’t hear us because of the length or eloquence of our prayers.  He moves in response to the faith of our prayers.  So, as you pray today, be bold!  Don’t shrink back and dishonor God with tiny prayers and feeble requests.  Grab hold of the mercy seat of God today and plead with Him to bear His mighty arm to give us this space to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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