Sunday Recap

Yesterday was an amazing day at Restoration City.  There were so many “firsts” to celebrate:  we were able to offer childcare for the first time in our weekly gatherings,  five community groups came to life and we started meeting in a larger room to accommodate the growing number of people interested in helping plant RCC.  In case you missed it, here are three updates you need to know:

  1. We are going to be hosting our first ever Monthly Worship Gathering on Sunday, July 27th at 10am in the Synetic Theater!!  This is a huge step forward for us in our journey to plant Restoration City.  Although the church doesn’t officially launch until this fall, we are going to start opening our doors to the city on a monthly basis starting on the 27th.  We are doing these gatherings for two reasons:
    • Think of them as dress rehearsals for all of our Sunday morning teams.  Our production, connect and kids ministries have been doing amazing work preparing for the fall but we need a few trial runs over the summer to work out all of the details and see how we can best serve the people who will start calling RCC home this fall.
    • We want to serve this city, point people to Jesus and welcome new people into our community this summer.  We need more people to serve with us and we want to open our doors to people who weren’t part of the initial launch team but are considering getting involved at RCC.
  2. Next Sunday’s weekly gathering will be in the Synetic Studio (this is different from the theater) at 10am.  Our time will be built around 1 Peter 2:4-12 and preparing for July 27th’s worship gathering.  We’ll be together as a community for half of the time and breaking up into various ministry teams for the other half.  So, it’s a really big Sunday for us as we get ready for the 27th.
  3. If you weren’t able to join a community group this past Sunday, that’s fine – the groups don’t actually start meeting until the week of July 20th.  So, you haven’t missed anything.    You can sign up this coming Sunday or email if you’re ready to join a group now.  Here are the groups we’re launching this summer:
    1. Jess & Ben Mann’s Community Group.  Monday nights at 7 in the Pentagon City area (Metro Accessible).
    2. Laura & John McGowan’s Community Group.  Tuesday nights at 6.30 in the Potomac Yards/Del Ray area (not easily metro accessible).
    3. Dan Iten & Shea Casper’s Community Group.  Tuesday nights at 7.00 in the Ballston/Clarendon area (Metro Accessible).
    4. Jenn & Tim Elzea’s Community Group.  Wednesday nights at 7.00 in the Alexandria area.
    5. Kevin Shade & Mandi Hart’s Community Group.  Wednesday nights at 7.00 in The District (exact location TBD).

There’s so much good stuff ahead in July!  I can’t wait to experience it together and to see all that God has for us and for the amazing city we call home.

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