RCC’s Doors Are Open

RCC Launch Stage Shot

It’s been a full 48 hours since our public launch service and I’m still trying to get my mind and heart around everything God did on Sunday morning.

The Scriptures tell us God is able to do, “far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.“(Eph. 3:20)  We love to quote that verse but sometimes we forget there’s no period at the end of verse 20.  We’ve got to include verse 21 to get the full thought, “to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.“(Eph. 3:21)  The abundantly more of God is always orchestrated to display the glory of God.  When God moves powerfully, it’s always to display His glory and draw worship from His people.

From the beginning, I have prayed that God would do something through this church that cannot be explained any other way than the sovereign power of Christ.  I don’t want people to be able to point to a preacher, a band, a venue, the church we were planted out of or any other factor and explain what God is doing through RCC.  I want people to look at everything our team brings to the table and realize there must be something more at work than our effort in this church.  When the sum of what happens through Restoration City exceeds our capacity, there’s no other explanation than the power of God.

You can’t explain this past Sunday any other way than the power of God.  Every single one of our teams did an amazing job – Production, Connect and RCCKids all had incredible mornings.  I kept hearing from people how welcome they felt, how comfortable they felt with RCCKids and how the service impacted them.  Our prayer and outreach teams had already laid such a solid foundation for us.  Worship was powerful and the gospel was presented clearly.  I loved seeing local restaurants packed with people after the service.  It was an amazing morning!

On Sunday, God reminded all of us that He’s faithful to His promises.  That isn’t ever going to change.  So, we can walk with confidence as a church into the future – the same God who stunned us this past Sunday is with us today, tomorrow, this Sunday and as long as RCC exists!

Thank you, Jesus!!!

2 thoughts on “RCC’s Doors Are Open

    • Glad to hear of the launch John and excited to see you back in the area! Hope all is well with you and the family and that He blesses the church and your ministry.

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