Our House

We’re starting a three week series this Sunday at Restoration City Church called, “Our House.”  I’m praying God will use these messages to unite all of us around who we are as a church, what we’re trying to build and the mission we’re pursuing.

From the beginning, I’ve felt like the mission of our church could best be condensed into three statements:

  • Live Through Jesus
  • Live In Community
  • Live For Restoration

Over the next three weeks, we’re going to take those statements one at a time, put a biblical foundation under each one and talk about how it shapes who we are becoming as a church.  If you call Restoration City home, you need to hear these messages.  If you’re considering getting involved with us, these next three weeks will give you a really good picture of what we’re about as a community.  Either way, you need to make a point of joining us for the next three weeks!

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