24 Hours Away

Laura and I love Jack so much that we’re going away for a day without him.

As strange as that might sound, it’s true.  Later today, my in-laws are coming into town to watch Jack so Laura and I can break away for a night by ourselves.  We’re not doing anything all that exotic – we’re just taking 24 hours to be together, to sleep in and to have dinner without anyone interrupting to announce they just peed.  May sound boring to you but we’re really excited!

I understand that not all parents have someone to watch their kids and I get that a night in a hotel isn’t financially possible for every couple.  So, my point is not that you have a bad marriage if you don’t do something exactly like this on a regular basis.

My real point is this: a healthy marriage is the greatest gift you can give to your kids.  As followers of Christ, our most significant responsibility to our kids is to raise them in a home rooted in the gospel and pointing them to Jesus.  Don’t miss the connection between those two thoughts: your kids will learn more about the gospel from your marriage than from your church!  If that’s true, then our kids need us to prioritize our marriages.

Taking time for yourselves isn’t a selfish luxury.  It’s a vital gift to your kids.

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