DNA Forms Early

IMG_1706I loved having this year’s class of Summit Network Church Planting Residents in town over the weekend.  These amazing guys are going to be planting gospel centered churches in Charlotte, NC; Asheville, NC; and Denver, CO in 2015.  Getting to spend a weekend with these men was awesome – they’re great guys and the faith God has given them to plant the churches they will lead is inspiring.

For me, it’s a really big deal to be able to do a weekend like this when our church is so young.  I believe God is calling us to weave church planting into the DNA of Restoration City from our earliest days.  From what I’ve seen, many church plants wait too long before they get meaningfully involved in planting another church.  I’m praying God will protect us from that at Restoration City.

Even though we’re incredibly young as a church, we’ve made the decision to give 8% of our internal giving to the planting of other churches.  In our short life, your generosity has allowed us to invest just over $4,500 in new church plants!  Having church planting residents in town for a weekend is an extension of that spirit in the same way as our time praying for these guys in yesterday’s gathering.  Part of the vision for Restoration City has always been loving, supporting and encouraging other church plants and we want to be in on that from the beginning of our journey.

We aren’t involved in church planting because it’s trendy.  We’re involved because it’s biblical.  I pray God will open the doors for us to be even more active in the months and years to come.

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