Snow & Restoration City

I don’t know which varied IMG_2016more yesterday – my emotions or the temperatures in DC!

All week long, I had been hoping the forecast for Saturday would change.  I guess, in a way, it did – it kept getting worse.  All Saturday afternoon I kept watching the snow and checking the forecast while things deteriorated.  Then it switched to rain around 6PM and I had hope that we were going to meet on Sunday morning.  Turns out the rain was freezing but I really didn’t want to focus on that part of the story.  Dan and I kept texting all evening and we went to sleep on Saturday hopeful that we could meet on Sunday morning.  By 6am on Sunday, it seemed clear that we needed to cancel our weekly gathering.

You have no idea how hard it is for a guy from Minnesota and a guy from Syracuse to cancel due to weather.  Let’s face it, Dan and I were traitors to our northern roots.  But we were confident we made the right call for our church and especially for the production team that starts serving at 7.30am on a Sunday.  Then it started to get warmer.  And sunnier.  And warmer and sunnier.  By 3PM, I told Laura I felt like the sun was mocking me.

All of that to say three things:

1.  I absolutely hate not meeting as a church.  I love what God is doing at Restoration City and there is no place I would rather be on a Sunday morning than with all of you.  So, yes, we waited until Sunday morning to make a call but that’s because we want to be the church that’s looking for a way to meet, not an excuse to sleep in.

2.  When deciding whether or not to meet, we consider not only what the roads will be like at 10am when we start but several hours earlier when our volunteers are traveling and serving.  A lot of the decision we made on Sunday was about the people that would have hit the road at 6.45, not those who would hit the road at 9.45.

3.  If you’re not on our email list, please sign up.  We always communicate closing information by email, social media and our website.

I still can’t believe we cancelled our gathering due to snow and ice in the morning and I grilled out last night…I guess that’s life in DC!  Here’s what I do know – I can’t wait to have our whole church family together this coming Sunday.

See you then,


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