A Force For Good

End ItThe fight against modern day slavery took a step forward today as Senators Corker and Menendez introduced the bipartisan End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015.  I love seeing both leaders standing next to the red X that has come to symbolize the End It Movement.  Like so many others, I’m grateful these men are willing to raise their voice and lead the government to commit more resources to the abolition of slavery.  There’s no doubt about it, today is a good day in the fight for freedom.

I also hope today was a good day for all of my friends who work in government.  So often, the story of Washington is told in terms of gridlock, corruption, scandal and incompetence.  As a result, so many of my friends who work in politics give in to the belief that what they do doesn’t matter.  As the pastor of a church in Washington, DC, I talk with so many good public servants who just want to throw in the towel.  I understand why they feel the way they do and I think we can all agree that Washington can and should do better.  But I hate seeing people who do a fundamentally good thing feel like failures.  Today was a wonderful reminder that public service is noble, that Washington isn’t all bad and that those who serve in government have an incredible opportunity to be a force for good.

So, to all of my friends in government, I hope you are encouraged.  I hope you hold your head a little bit higher, work a little harder and are a little more confident that what you do matters.  You have the opportunity to do tremendous good and all of us are counting on you to give it your best, lead with integrity and fight for what really matters.

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