Tightened Focus

I’ve been writing blogs somewhat regularly for a little over seven years.  It’s become part of my routine, it’s something I enjoy and there are at least a few people who read my posts or maybe Laura just reads them from multiple computers!  Either way, everything is going great.  In fact, the only thing I’m missing is a clear understanding of why I’m writing.  Which is kind of a problem when you think about it.

To be honest, the thing that got me started and has kept me going is the fact that I enjoy writing.  I like having a place to work out my ideas, share some thoughts and process what God is teaching me in life.  If you want to read over my shoulder, even better.  But all of that has started to seem more and more detached from my real world over the last year.  I’m a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of two, a church planter, a leader, a preacher and a pastor.  That’s what I do all day and it keeps me really busy.  Carving out time and mental energy for a blog that is more about random musings than specific purposes is increasingly difficult.  I also don’t think it’s serving you all that well either.

So, I’m tightening the focus of this blog.  I want it to be more tied into the roles God has me in right now.  Specifically, that means writing on a more limited range of topics:

  • Developing leaders
  • Casting cultural vision for Restoration City Church
  • Inspiring followers of Jesus to be active in God’s mission of restoration.

From time to time, I might color outside of the lines just a bit.  If anything, I might add a fourth topic to the above list (resources for husbands and fathers since there seems to be a real shortage of biblical, relevant content for men in the church).  But I’m sticking with those three for the time being.

I honestly believe this is going to serve you better.  I hope you will grow as a leader who lives on mission as a result of the time you spend on this blog.  If you also learn a little something about the kind of church Restoration City is becoming, I’m good with that too.

Of those three topics, which would serve you the best?  Feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

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