Kibera, Baltimore & Nepal


This is Kibera.  It’s one of the largest slums in the world.  Somewhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million people live here.  Their lives are defined by poverty, disease and lack of opportunity.  The smog of despair hangs over Kibera.

It’s so obvious our world is broken.  Kibera, Baltimore and Nepal tell the same story.  This is not how things should be; this is not the world God created.  The clouds of injustice, poverty, violence, fear, hatred and tragedy that swirl over our planet don’t come from the heart of God.  They come from the wickedness of man and the brokenness of our planet.

But I also know there is hope in Kibera.  It’s the hope of children who are now able to go to school.  It’s the hope of a medical clinic that is coming to life.  It’s the hope of a business employing 70 women.  It’s the hope of knowing Jesus is real, He’s alive and He’s at work.

The sunlight of hope can break through the thickest of clouds.  Yes, there are times we’re tempted to believe the clouds are winning.  But the cross reminds us there is no situation so evil that God can’t redeem it for good.  The gospel tells us that God will one day make all things right and every sad thing will become untrue.  The clouds will be banished and Jesus will win.

Until that day, He’s at work in Kibera. And Baltimore. And Nepal. And your life.

The question is whether we’re leveraging our lives as fully as possible to usher the rays of hope into our world.  Are we fighting for justice, for peace, for a better tomorrow?  Or are we simply looking to make our lives a tiny bit more entertaining?  Are we willing to sacrifice that others might live?  Or do we demand others sacrifice so we can live more comfortably?

The church really is the hope of the world.  We just need to act the part.  Don’t settle for complacency in the face of the world’s desperation.  Fight for what matters and shine the light of Christ in whatever corner of the globe God has put you.

Kibera needs hope.  And so does Washington.  Kibera needs the church to rise up and be the people of God.  So does your city.

My prayer today is that the church will find her voice, embrace her mission and fight for restoration in our world.

One thought on “Kibera, Baltimore & Nepal

  1. Praying that God will do a miracle is the life of people in this life

    Jeremiah 29:11 ,for I know the plan I have for you, to prosper you,give you a future and a hope,God has a plan for the people of kibera

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