The Greatest Untapped Church Planting Resource: Senior Citizens


Restoration City simply would not exist without the incredible support we receive from individuals, foundations and partner churches.  They have poured prayer, encouragement, manpower and financial resources into the vision of Restoration City and I will be forever grateful.  We’ve had partner churches send people to serve alongside our congregation for our ServeDC outreaches.

All of which is to say I’m incredibly grateful for the body of Christ.  It’s in that spirit that I’ve come to believe we are missing one of the most strategic opportunities for existing congregations to partner with church plants.  It’s the untapped potential of retirees.

More than we need your high schoolers for a week, we need your seniors for a season.

Really want to bless a church plant?  Recruit and train a small team of spiritually mature, disciple making retirees and ask them to invest 3 years in a church plant.  Yes, that means they leave your church.  It might even mean they leave your city.  We need to think of our seniors as missionaries.

As a church planter, I can tell you that’s the greatest gift you could give us.  There’s an army of largely untapped potential in your pews.  They have time.  They need a mission. Maybe God is calling them to one last battle, to one last push.  And maybe it’s all about helping a new church thrive.

If you’re a pastor or senior interested in talking more about this, email me or leave a comment.  I would love to talk more.

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