Restoration City Loves College Students

GW Campus

One of the dreams in planting Restoration City was creating a vibrant, intergenerational church that brought college students, singles and families together.  Oftentimes, churches reach 2 of those 3 groups but rarely all three.  Being truly intergenerational takes intentionality and sacrifice.  It’s not easy to create an environment that is welcoming to an 18 year old guy, a 28 year old professional and a 38 year old mom.  But it’s so worth it! Intergenerational interactions are a growth accelerator in our walks with Jesus.

Right now, the missing leg of our triangle is college students.  That’s just not okay in a city that is home to 155,000 university students during the school year.  The future leaders of the world come to DC to be educated and the nations are represented on the college campuses of our city.  We’re missing a huge opportunity to sow the seeds of restoration into future generations if we aren’t being intentional in reaching college students.

That’s why I’m so excited to have Joey Schwartz joining our Restoration City team for a summer internship with the mission of engaging college students in the DC area.  I’ve repeatedly told Joey I’m praying God uses him to leave us with a really big problem when he heads back to UNC in August – namely, a bunch of college kids running around the church in need of a leader!  Would you join me in praying the same?

Joey is leading a summer Bible study on GW’s campus, where he’s living for the summer, every Thursday night in June and July.  The first one is this Thursday, June 11th at 7.30PM in the Study Lounge of the Potomac House dorm.  If you are a college student in DC for the summer, we would love to have you!  Thanks to the generosity of some Restoration City members, we’re offering pizza every week.  If you want more information or want to get connected, email Joey.

Lord willing, this summer will be the start of something huge in DC – waves of college students connected to a gospel centered church that believes in them and wants to partner with them in bringing restoration to their campus.  Who knows how God will use all of this but I know this…Restoration City loves college students!

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