Diapers & Clothes For Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center


One of the things I love about our DoSomethingDC partnerships is the ability to meet specific needs as they arise.  While most of our work with our partners involves ongoing activities or things planned long in advance, some of our greatest impact comes by meeting unplanned and urgent needs.

Our DoSomethingDC team recently became aware of one of those needs through the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center.  They have an urgent need for diapers (sizes 1,4 and 5) and clothes (boys sizes 3T and 4T).  So, this Sunday and next, we’re going to have a donation center set up in the lobby of the Synetic Theater.  If you’re looking for an immediate way to have a real impact in our community, this is for you!  Just buy one or more of the above items and bring them with you to church on Sunday.  It’s that simple.

We talk a lot about living for restoration in DC.  This is part of how it happens.  I hope you’ll join Laura and I in doing something to serve the families of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center this Sunday.

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