Stillness is one of the rarest and most valuable commodities in our frenzied world.  That’s especially true this time of year.  As wonderful as Christmas is and as much as there is joy in all of the travel, family, preparation and celebration, stillness is rare.  Maybe we’re able to steal a few minutes alone by the tree before the house wakes up or on a walk through the neighborhood.  But most of the time we’re going, talking, doing.

Our souls need stillness.  To be with God.  To reflect.  To thank.  To pray.  To breathe.

So, we’re not gathering as a church tomorrow morning.  Yes, many of us are out of town anyway.  But it’s also about finding stillness in the midst of a busy time of year.  

As strange as it sounds to say, I pray tomorrow morning is a gift to you.  I pray you’re able to rest, to take it all in, to enjoy an extra cup of coffee or a long run.  Get alone with Jesus.  Take a nap.  Do whatever you need for your soul to be replenished.

Restoration City Church
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  1. Isn’t it funny how strange the idea of a sabbath seems to us sometimes? Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your time of rest.


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