Thrilled To Serve

Serve With Us

Yesterday we gave everyone at our gathering the chance to get involved in serving through Restoration City.  There’s so many different ways to get involved – everything from RCCKids to parking to mentoring students through Casa Chirilagua.  And I really want you involved with us.

Serving in the church isn’t about what we should do.  It’s about what we get to do.  It’s not a long list of things that have to get done.  It’s an invitation to bring your God-given gifts, talents, interest and personality to a team of people pursuing the greatest mission in the world.  I’m not at all shy about asking you to do something that is going to be so phenomenally rewarding.  I don’t ever want to guilt you into serving.  But I’ll inspire you into it all day long.  Here’s my top three arguments for why you owe it to yourself to be serving:

Your Passion

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Eph. 2:10)  God has designed you to accomplish things in this world.  Some of them are through your job, some through your relationships and some are through His church!

You will fully come alive when you start serving in the area God has created you to walk in.  Don’t worry about what the church needs.  Ask what You want to do.  We want you serving wherever you are most excited, passionate and interested.  You’re not trying to satisfy God’s needs.  You’re trying to exercise your gifts.

God’s Mission

Everything we do as a church is rooted in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  We want to make disciples – to lead people to a saving faith in Jesus and then mobilize them in the work of God.  That’s what this is about.  Parking cars isn’t about crowd control.  It’s about welcoming people who may be so uncertain about visiting a church.  Serving in RCCKids isn’t about keeping the main gathering distraction free.  It’s about discipling the next generation.

There is nothing as thrilling as being used by God to accomplish His purposes in the world.  It’s not the kind of thing you can learn about by reading.  It’s the kind of thing you just need to experience for yourself.

Our Team

I love the team of people who serve at Restoration City.  They’re an amazing group of people who love Jesus and love each other.  We work hard but there’s no other group of people I would rather be in the trenches with on a daily basis.  If you’re looking to deepen relationships, get connected and have fun, this is the team for you!

The good news is you haven’t totally missed the opportunity.  Just go to to get connected with one of our teams.

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