Restoration City’s Snow Plan

RCC Snow Plan

When I first saw the forecast for this past weekend, I prayed a simple prayer, “God give me wisdom and make it really clear whether or not we should meet on Sunday or cancel our weekly gathering.”  So, I had at least one really clear answer to prayer this week!  It honestly wouldn’t have been possible or safe for us to have meet in the Synetic yesterday.

Fortunately, we saw this coming and have a plan in place that I think is going to serve you well.  On Friday, we recorded a shorter version (20 min.) of the sermon that has already been sent to your Community Group leaders.  So, when you go to Community Group this week, it’ll look a little different – you’ll watch that video and then shift into discussion and prayer time.  So, get to Community Group this week, if you can.  Even if you aren’t in a Community Group, this is a phenomenal week to check one out.  They’re all listed on our website.  If you can’t make it to your Community Group (I understand that’s going to be particularly hard at the beginning of the week), we’ll post the video and study guide to this blog on Friday morning so you can catch up over the weekend.

When we gather next Sunday, we’ll be right back in Mark’s gospel without missing a beat, which is great because we’re on track to finish Mark on Easter morning with the resurrection.

Enjoy Community Group this week!

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