Shoveling & Loving DC

Snow In Chinatown.jpeg

I’ve had a lot of time to think the last few days.  Most of it has come while shoveling.  I’ve been thinking about snow, our city and the mission of God.

As one of my neighbors said at some point over the last few days, “snow brings people out.”  It’s true.  We got to meet a neighbor who moved in three doors down two months ago and hasn’t been seen since.  I found out a neighbor I always thought was a jerk is, in fact, a really nice guy.  People are genuinely happy when you help them shovel and there were many chances to make people happy in our neighborhood.  There’s more waving on my street these days and more smiles.  We’re greeting each other by name.  It’s all rather pleasant.

It’s also an incredible demonstration of how we’re called to love our city.  Our hope of reaching DC is directly tied to our willingness to relationally engage and sacrificially serve.  It’s a beautiful thing when the church gathers.  And it’s a powerful thing when the church scatters, if we’re scattered with the mandate to engage and serve.  You don’t need to fly somewhere to take a mission trip.  You need to walk out your front door.  

My love for this city has only deepened in the last few days.  It’s filled with extraordinary people doing their best to get by in a city that can be really lonely and overwhelming at times.  There’s no other place I would rather pastor.  But I don’t want to just preach to the saints on Sunday.  I pray we would be the best neighbors on our block or in our apartment buildings.  I pray we would be the relationship builders and I pray we would be the servants.  It’s funny.  When we’re willing to engage and serve, God opens doors to share. Yes, He’s what our city needs most.  It’s our job to make Him as visible on our streets as He is in our sermons.

Restoration City, we’re a people on mission.  We aren’t creating a comfortable gathering for us.  We’re fighting for the good, the life and the salvation of our city.  Don’t sit on the sidelines!  Engage, serve, share.

It’s how streets get shoveled and lives are transformed.

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