Mark 13 Catch-Up

If you weren’t able to make it to Community Group this week, here’s the video we showed to catch you up on Mark 13.  Carve out 22 minutes, open your Bible and enjoy:

Mark 13 Community Group Intro Video from Restoration City Church on Vimeo.

Once you’ve watched the video, take a few minutes to journal your answers to these questions:

  • Why is it that so many Christians find the second coming of Jesus harder to believe than the first? What does it say about our view of Scripture?
  • How often do you consciously think about the return of Jesus? How would your life be different if you thought about it more often?
  • When you think about the return of Jesus, does it seem more frightening or comforting to you? What does your answer reveal about your understanding of Jesus’ character?
  • Titus 2 links our hope in the return of Jesus with our godly living today. What’s the connection? How does Jesus’ return provide motivation for godliness today?
  • Why do you think God hasn’t told us exactly when the 2nd coming is happening? How does the unknown heighten the impact of this on our lives?


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