Best Sunday Yet!

Apartment Life

It’s hard to compare but I think yesterday was probably my favorite Sunday so far at Restoration City.  If you had been with me when I talked to our guest from Apartment Life, I think you would agree with me.  He was ecstatic at the end of the day!

He was totally blown away by the number of you that came up to talk with him at the end of the gathering.  He met a guy who works in the apartment industry and collected well over a dozen names of people interested in Apartment Life.  I really wasn’t fishing for a compliment when I asked, “oh, is that good?”.  He told me he considers it a win if he gets one or two names.  So, he was one happy apartment dweller on his way home!

Guys, that’s what we’re about.  We want to be a church willing to leverage all of our lives for the mission of God.  Nothing makes me happier than thinking of our community learning how to intentionally live on mission in whatever community we live in.  This is the work of restoration – moving into whatever sphere of influence God gives us and shining the light of Jesus.  If we’re known for anything in this city, this needs to be it – we will sacrifice, pray, move and pour ourselves out for the sake of the lost and the glory of Jesus.  Let that be the word on the street about us!

I love that all of this coincided with a Sunday when we’re talking about generosity.  I was filled with so much hope that we really are becoming a generous church – not just with our money but with our whole lives!  Praise God!

By the way, if you still want to learn more about Apartment Life, check out their website.  But for today, I just wanted you to know I’ve never been more excited about where God is leading us as a church or more honored to be your pastor.  I love you guys and I love where God is leading us!!

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