Easter 2016 At Restoration City


Wow!  I’m still celebrating everything God did yesterday at Restoration City Church.  Not only was it our largest Sunday ever but we also had the joy of baptizing 3 people and seeing many make decisions to follow Jesus for the first time.  Our teams served brilliantly and church felt way more like a family than an event.  Honestly, I loved every minute of it!

There are a lot of ways to react to a day like yesterday.  Overwhelming joy flowing from an empty tomb is a good place to start.  Rejoicing over salvation is a strong second.  Joy that we get to be a part of Jesus’ plan to build His church is in the mix.  Love for the people who serve so faithfully week in and week out is high on the list for me.  Maybe you are filled with wonder, filled with excitement or just plain giddy.

Just don’t be surprised.

We serve a God who defeated death.  We’re following a Risen Savior.  The One with the power to break the chains of sin and death.  The One who overcomes all, who is faithful and who moves in great power.  Jesus is alive!  The tomb is empty and our God reigns.

So don’t be surprised when church is exciting.  Don’t be shocked when the gospel bears fruit.  Don’t be stunned when God moves.  The empty tomb proves that absolutely nothing is impossible for God.

I loved yesterday.  But I pray our hearts are never more moved by a full auditorium than an empty tomb.

There’s One name that carried the day yesterday – JESUS.  Which is good because today is firmly in His hands.  And tomorrow.  And the day after that.  He doesn’t just move on Easter.  He holds out power for today.  He offers life today.  He is life.

And He’s the One we’re following into ServeDC and so much more.  So, yes, let’s celebrate what He did yesterday.  But let’s do it with confidence that our best days are still ahead.  Let’s do it with anticipation for all God is yet to do.

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