What A Weekend!!

ServeDC Spring 2016

What an amazing weekend we all just got to experience together!

Over the course of three days, 121 individuals worked a total of 198 three hour shifts with one of our seven partners.  I’m so grateful for every single person who participated in this incredible weekend, particularly for those of you who worked 2 or shifts!  And we should all be incredibly grateful to Caitlin Kammerman, Kaitlyn Rounds and their team for leading us so well this weekend.  The next time you see them, please let them know how grateful you are for their leadership!

One of the things we’ve said from the beginning is that we want Restoration City to have an undeniably positive impact on our city.  Even if people don’t agree with our theology, we want them to be grateful our church exists.  Sometimes that feels like a tall order in DC but this weekend is evidence that it’s possible and God is answering that prayer.

But our desire to serve the community isn’t rooted in a desire to establish a good name for ourselves.  It’s a reflection of the gospel – Jesus served and sacrificed for us so that we could live.  If that’s how He’s treated us, we need to extend the same grace to our neighbors and co-workers.  When we understand that, we realize we don’t need an event to give us permission to serve, we can walk into any and every situation in life ready to serve.

That’s the real legacy of ServeDC.  We don’t just want a weekend of service.  We’re praying for a lifestyle of service.

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