We Love WeWork!


Alignment.  It’s a big word in my world.  Whether we’re talking about my life, family or the church, I love it when everything is moving in the same direction around the same purpose.  It just feels good when everything makes sense and fits well together.

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of the Restoration City staff working out of WeWork’s coworking space in Crystal City.  Yes, the cold brew coffee and cool vibe are an added plus.  And, yes, it’s the most economical way for us to create office space for a small staff.

But it also says a lot about us as a church.

Our work space is aligned with our vision.  We want to be a church that is involved in the life of our city, that is fighting for the good of our city, and that loves our city.  So, it makes sense that we work in the midst of the city, not sequestered away from the city.  Maybe there will come a day when we need our own office space.  But for right now, I love working around a whole bunch of people who don’t know Jesus and a few who do.

I honestly think a co-working space helps me be a better pastor and keeps me in touch daily with what life outside the church looks like.  I also love the chance to interact with co-workers.  A few have even started attending the church and that’s just awesome!  It’s so cool to be able to step outside my office and interact with RCC people right here in the office!

People are always surprised when they find out Dan, Marshall and I work for a church.  I don’t think they expect to find a church in a space like this.  But, if you ask me, this is exactly where the church should be – in the center of the marketplace, participating in the life of our city.

So, Restoration City, thanks for the generosity that makes this possible.  Thanks for enabling us to be a little gospel outpost in a world of tech start-ups and consultants.  It’s what all of us should be about wherever we work.

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