Dan Iten

Dan and John

This past Sunday was an incredibly significant moment for me.  I got to watch a guy I baptized years ago become an elder at Restoration City.  The above photo is as significant to me as it is grainy – it was taken just before I baptized Dan Iten.  When I first got to know Dan, I was moved by his openness and vulnerability with me, his desire to live a life that was pleasing to God and his desire to pursue a life of ministry.  I remember being so proud of him and so grateful to God when I baptized him.

All of that pride and gratitude came rushing back on Sunday when I watched our members vote him onto our elder board with Adam and Mike.  It was a great day for our church and a great day for me personally.  I have loved watching Dan grow as a man, a husband and a leader in the church.  He’s frighteningly good at his job and works unbelievably hard to make Restoration City the place that it is.  He’s a partner in the gospel and a brother in Christ.

I can take very little credit for what God has done in Dan’s life.  It’s His grace that transforms, molds and shapes.  But I can tell you that there is nothing quite like watching God’s grace at work in someone else’s life up close and personal over a period of years.

We’ve talked so much about discipleship at Restoration City over the course of the spring. On Sunday, I was reminded of just how much joy this whole discipleship journey brings.  Find someone you can pour your life into, love them, walk with them and celebrate what God does in their life – it’ll bring you more joy than you can imagine!

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