One on One with Jack

IMG_2734When Laura and I first became parents, it was a tag team sport.  And most days it felt like we needed two of us to keep up with Jack.  Then Aidan showed up and we were evenly matched – kind of a man to man defense situation.  In a few short weeks, the game is going to change again and we’re going to be forced into a zone defense where we’re outnumbered.

All of that is fairly predictable.  What I didn’t expect is how powerful one on one parenting moments would be in the life of our kids and how early we would need to start.  By three and a half, Jack has come to love what we call “guy time.”  The only one who loves it more is me (and possibly Laura when it means she gets a good nap!).

I’ll be honest – we don’t have earth shattering conversations.  It’s not like we’re reading great books and debating the finer points of theology.  We’re not analyzing the hidden idolatry of our souls.  Most of the time we aren’t even talking – we’re just hanging out, doing something and having fun.  But every once in a while, he’ll turn the corner and talk for a few minutes about something that’s on his mind – preschool in the fall, church or wanting a snack.

But those times let him know that he matters in the chaos of a growing family.  They remind him that his little voice matters.  And they keep him rooted in the truth that his Dad loves him a whole lot.

For us, “guy time” doesn’t have to be some amazing experience or big moment.  Just getting time alone is enough.  So, if God has blessed you with multiple kids, be intentional in creating alone time with each of them.  They’ll become some of your favorite parenting moments.

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