For The City: This Sunday & Every Sunday

Downtown DC

Almost two years later, the vision of Restoration City hasn’t changed at all – we exist to see spiritual, relational and cultural restoration in our nation’s capital.  If anything, we have more clarity about what that looks like.  It means a radical faith in the power of the gospel and a determination to be an undeniable positive in our community.  We want to point to Jesus and do it in a way that people in DC are glad we’re here.

That’s why this coming Sunday is such a big deal for us as a church.  Yes, we’re celebrating our new gathering location at Gunston Middle School.  Yes, I’m looking forward to having most of the church back together now that summer vacation season is coming to an end.  But we’re praying God will use this Sunday as a tremendous blessing to our community.  That’s why we’ll have two different food trucks at Gunston after our gathering along with face paints and balloon artists for the kids.  That’s why we’ve sent out mailers to those living closest to Gunston.  That’s why I’m starting a short series out of Luke 15.  That’s why our Connect Team is working overtime to do everything we can think of to great our first time guests well.

We want to welcome our community to our church.  And we want to see Jesus change lives like only He can.  That’s the real point – not food trucks or balloon animals.  We want to hold the door wide open for people to encounter the glory of Jesus in a totally life changing way.  

And you have a huge role to play in that.

Here’s my question – who are you inviting to come to church with you this Sunday?  I pray you have an answer and I pray you will be bold enough to extend an invitation whether that’s in person or with a text.  We’re not responsible for whether or not they decide to come – that’s up to them!  But we are the ones God has called to do the inviting!

Restoration City, this is why we exist.  This is why we planted this church.  It was never about us and it never will be.  It’ll always be about the glory of Christ and the good of this city.  I’m praying God will capture our hearts all over again with that vision and inspire us to live as ambassadors for Christ this week.

Be bold!

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