Q&A With Jason Kobischen


Jason joined the RCC staff team on July 1st as our Worship Director.  I thought I would ask him a couple of quick questions on your behalf:

1.  So, what made you want to leave Florida and be a part of what’s happening at Restoration City?

Recognizing the undeniable fact that Restoration City Church is full of individuals who are passionate and intentional about reaching the lost for Christ.

2.  So far, what’s the best and the worst part of living in D.C.?

There is so much to do! The unique coffee shops are fantastic: Philz coffee right near Nats Stadium is a must! Granted, it will take you six years to get there due to the traffic.

3.  What’s your favorite band of all time?

It is a tossup between Mainstay and August Burns Red. But I will admit I have quite the eclectic taste in music.

4.  Tell us a little bit of your background before you came to RCC.

I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Public Health, because why not, right? Not exactly sure what direction I wanted to go I decided to spend a year in Thailand teaching Biblical Studies to a bunch of crazy high-school kids. After that year I came back to Virginia to get my Masters in Theology. During this time God was really working on my heart in the context of using my previous experiences in worship in more concrete way so about two years into my masters I moved down to Florida to join a church as their Worship Arts Director. Fast forward 3.5 years, and I am back in Virginia extremely stoked and excited to be a part of what God has in store for Restoration City Church!

5.  What’s your biggest prayer for the worship ministry at Restoration City?

That we would grow in the knowledge and application of unhindered worship within every context of our lives both individually (as sons and daughters of Christ) and collectively (as the Church).

6.  How’d you get into rock climbing?

I had a few friends that had climbed in high school so we all jumped back into it together when I began seminary. Its an incredible sport that stretches the body and mind all within a rather unique culture. Let me know if you’re up for a climb!
7.  What’s the biggest thing God has taught you in the last year?

That the heartbeat of God is directed towards people. Everything else is contingent upon the degree of our external manifestation of the former.

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