College Students: TONIGHT @ Greenberry’s


I know I’ve said it countless times but – Restoration City loves college students!  We believe in you and we believe in God’s plan to use you for His glory on your campus.  As a church, we want to champion, resource and encourage you in that mission any way we can.  That’s why we’re offering a summer Community Group specifically for college students and interns who are in DC for the summer.

That’s why we’ve rented out the Greenberry’s at 1805 E Street for your Community Group.  We want you to have a great environment to invite your friends, study God’s Word, meet new people and enjoy a great summer evening.  It’s an amazing coffee shop in an unbelievable location – close to campus and it has plenty of street parking in the evenings.

Here’s the basics:

RCC College Community Group

Wednesdays, 7.30PM

Greenberrry’s at 1805 E Street

So, if you’re in college, we want you to be there tonight.  It doesn’t matter if you go to Restoration City or not.  It doesn’t matter if you’re only in town for a few weeks.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just home for the summer. The only thing that matters is that you’re a college student.

Marshall Griffin, our college director, is going to be leading a study through the Book of Ephesians – he’s a great guy and a gifted teacher.

You’re not going to want to miss this!!


Bible Reading Traps


This may seem like a strange follow-up to my last post encouraging you to follow an annual Bible reading plan in 2016.  But if you go charging into an annual Bible reading plan without a little warning, there’s an excellent chance you’ll fall into at least one of the following traps:

Trap #1: Accomplishing, Not Connecting

The more achievement oriented you are, the more likely you’ll plunge headlong into this trap.  It’s the trap that develops when reaching your daily reading goal becomes far more important than connecting with the God who breathed the Scripture to life.  It’s so easy to turn Bible reading into a box you check rather than an encounter with God.  The goal isn’t to get your eyes over the page, it’s to get the Word into your heart.  As my friend J.D. Greear often says, “the verse must become a voice.”

If a Bible reading plan ensures that you are constantly sitting under the voice of Your Creator, it’s a win.  But if it’s nothing more than an obligation, it’s setting the stage for an even more dangerous trap.

Trap #2: Earning, Not Receiving

This is the most dangerous trap because it’s the one that causes us to forget the gospel.  Somehow our self-righteous, achievement oriented flesh starts to believe God should reward us for our new commitment to reading the Bible.  I’m not talking about the rewards of knowing Christ more, gaining wisdom and increased reverence for God.  I’m talking about the line of thinking that goes, “God, I’ve been so good about reading the Bible that You really need to help me get that promotion.”  Or fill in your own ending.  This way of thinking turns God into an emotionally insecure author who you can manipulate simply by paying attention to his book.

If a Bible reading plan ensures that you are constantly dazzled by the story of God’s grace, then it’s a win.  But if it’s just your attempt to put God in your debt, it’ll only frustrate you and cause your heart to grow colder.

Trap #3:  Reading, Not Doing

Reading the Bible is wonderful.  Obeying it is even better.  That’s what James is driving at when he writes, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.“(James 1:21)  It’s not just about reading to increase our knowledge.  It’s about increased knowledge producing increased affection which produces increased mission.  If all of your reading isn’t leading to any doing, you’re perpetuating a fraud on yourself.

If a Bible reading plan ensures that you are systematically examining your heart to bring it into alignment with the character of Jesus, it’s a win.  If it’s just about helping you have a few more verses at your disposal for theological arguments, then you’re missing the whole point.

Friends, I really believe in the power of organized Bible reading plans.  I still want you to pick a plan and a partner today or tomorrow.  Just go into it aware of the traps.  If you avoid them, you’ll have a life shaping 2016.

Amazing Days For College Students

IMG_2661God is doing some amazing things among university students in DC this summer.  At the beginning of June, Restoration City started to offer a weekly Community Group designed specifically for summer interns and college students.  We had a leader, a lot of hope and absolutely nothing else.  Last Thursday night, 35 college students packed a community room on GW’s campus to study God’s Word.  Just in case you aren’t all that familiar with college in ministry in DC, I can tell you that’s crazy!  I spent seven years of my life serving university students in this city and this kind of thing doesn’t happen all that often.

As a church, we need to be celebrating, thanking God and praying.  The vision of being a church that welcomes college students seems to be coming to life.  Now the question is whether we’ll rise to the moment.

If you have interns in your office, know any college students in the area or are a college student, it’s not too late to get connected to the Community Group.  They will continue to meet every Thursday at 7.30PM in the Community Room of the Potomac House dorm on GW’s campus.  New people show up every week, so don’t hesitate to join in!

Let’s also be praying for three things:

1.  Salvation.  We’ve already seen one student come to faith in Jesus this summer!  But I don’t believe God is done yet.  Let’s keep praying He will draw more into the Kingdom.

2.  Joey Schwartz.  Joey’s doing a summer internship with us and he’s leading the charge with college students.  It’s crazy to see how God is using this guy.  Pray the Lord will continue to give Joey wisdom, joy and boldness as He leads.

3.  Year Round Students.  Many of the students we’re serving are in DC for the summer but will head somewhere else for school.  We’re totally cool with that and grateful for the chance to speak into their lives while they are here.  But we’re also praying God will raise up students from local campuses to carry the charge with us in the fall.  Please be asking God to draw these students to the Community Group.

DC is a college town and, increasingly, I feel like the Lord is leading Restoration City to be a leader in His work on DC college campuses.  I would love to have you praying with me to that end.

College/Intern Community Group Meets Tonight

Over the course of the week, I have become increasingly convinced tonight is going to be really significant in the story of Restoration City.  Our first ever college/intern community group is going to be meeting on the campus of George Washington University.  God has done some amazing things to prepare the way for tonight and to draw students to this time.

If you are a college student or intern in DC this summer, we would love to have you join Joey Schwartz for this Community Group tonight.  They will meet every Thursday during June and July from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Potomac House Study Lounge (2021 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20052). If you know any college students or summer interns who would be interested in joining this community group, please have them contact Joey at

DC is a college town and there’s no where near enough happening on our university campuses to make Jesus famous.  I’m praying tonight is the start of a wave that sweeps the campus of DC for the glory of Christ and the good of our city.

Restoration City Loves College Students

GW Campus

One of the dreams in planting Restoration City was creating a vibrant, intergenerational church that brought college students, singles and families together.  Oftentimes, churches reach 2 of those 3 groups but rarely all three.  Being truly intergenerational takes intentionality and sacrifice.  It’s not easy to create an environment that is welcoming to an 18 year old guy, a 28 year old professional and a 38 year old mom.  But it’s so worth it! Intergenerational interactions are a growth accelerator in our walks with Jesus.

Right now, the missing leg of our triangle is college students.  That’s just not okay in a city that is home to 155,000 university students during the school year.  The future leaders of the world come to DC to be educated and the nations are represented on the college campuses of our city.  We’re missing a huge opportunity to sow the seeds of restoration into future generations if we aren’t being intentional in reaching college students.

That’s why I’m so excited to have Joey Schwartz joining our Restoration City team for a summer internship with the mission of engaging college students in the DC area.  I’ve repeatedly told Joey I’m praying God uses him to leave us with a really big problem when he heads back to UNC in August – namely, a bunch of college kids running around the church in need of a leader!  Would you join me in praying the same?

Joey is leading a summer Bible study on GW’s campus, where he’s living for the summer, every Thursday night in June and July.  The first one is this Thursday, June 11th at 7.30PM in the Study Lounge of the Potomac House dorm.  If you are a college student in DC for the summer, we would love to have you!  Thanks to the generosity of some Restoration City members, we’re offering pizza every week.  If you want more information or want to get connected, email Joey.

Lord willing, this summer will be the start of something huge in DC – waves of college students connected to a gospel centered church that believes in them and wants to partner with them in bringing restoration to their campus.  Who knows how God will use all of this but I know this…Restoration City loves college students!