College Students: TONIGHT @ Greenberry’s


I know I’ve said it countless times but – Restoration City loves college students!  We believe in you and we believe in God’s plan to use you for His glory on your campus.  As a church, we want to champion, resource and encourage you in that mission any way we can.  That’s why we’re offering a summer Community Group specifically for college students and interns who are in DC for the summer.

That’s why we’ve rented out the Greenberry’s at 1805 E Street for your Community Group.  We want you to have a great environment to invite your friends, study God’s Word, meet new people and enjoy a great summer evening.  It’s an amazing coffee shop in an unbelievable location – close to campus and it has plenty of street parking in the evenings.

Here’s the basics:

RCC College Community Group

Wednesdays, 7.30PM

Greenberrry’s at 1805 E Street

So, if you’re in college, we want you to be there tonight.  It doesn’t matter if you go to Restoration City or not.  It doesn’t matter if you’re only in town for a few weeks.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just home for the summer. The only thing that matters is that you’re a college student.

Marshall Griffin, our college director, is going to be leading a study through the Book of Ephesians – he’s a great guy and a gifted teacher.

You’re not going to want to miss this!!


19 Year Old John

I’ve been thinking a lot about college students this week.  It’s probably because I get to lead the College Community Group tomorrow night at GW.
But it’s also because Laura and I took the boys to Georgetown last week on our family rest day.  We ran around campus, ate lunch and tried to explain that Mommy and Daddy both went to school here – I don’t think they were buying it!  To be honest, it was kind of surreal.  I kept picturing 19 year old John running around those same spaces and marveling at how much my life had changed.  When I was in college, I wasn’t sure I would get married and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t ever have kids.  And now here I was with three beautiful examples of God’s grace in my life.
But what 19 year old John would NEVER have seen is that 38 year old John would be the Pastor of Restoration City Church.  I would have laughed, wondered what tragedy prevented me from getting a real job and then laughed some more.  But Jesus has a funny way of leading us to places we never thought we would go.  When I finally understood the gospel in the second semester of my junior year, everything started changing.  My friends.  My interests.  My view of the world.  How I liked to spend my time.  Everything.
That’s why college students are such a big deal for us at Restoration City.  I know first hand the power of God grabbing hold of someone’s life during that university moment.  It can change everything.  That’s why the 3rd member of our staff team is a college pastor.  That’s why we devote resources every week to the college community group (they’re a well fed bunch!).  And that’s why we do our DistrictLife summer internships – because we want to be a church that invests in the collegiate generation.
College students, we love you and we’re for you!  We believe God has great things in store for your lives and we want to walk alongside you into everything He has for you.  More importantly, we want to inspire and equip you to shine the light of Jesus on your campus.  That’s what your Community Group is all about and that’s what our summer internships are all about.
If you’re thinking about doing a summer internship with Restoration City, this is a great time to talk with Marshall.  We’re firming up our plans for the summer and want to help you do the same.  Here’s how my friend Joey Schwartz describes last year’s experience with Restoration City:
“God used my internship at Restoration City Church to deepen my roots in the gospel and stretch my faith as I saw Him work powerfully. Under the leadership of the RCC pastors, I learned how to lead people more effectively with passion, grace, and truth. But the main reason I would encourage everyone to intern at RCC is the opportunity. Every summer, thousands of college students from across the country swarm to the nation’s capital for summer internships. These students are eager to make a difference in the world, and they long for a greater purpose. As an intern at RCC, you have the opportunity to share the gospel with these students. You have the opportunity to tell them that their greater purpose is found beyond this world, in the love and hope of Jesus Christ.”
You can apply for our summer internship here.  Just remember – the point isn’t to get you to do an internship, it’s to get you to burn brightly for Jesus in every sphere of life!

Amazing Days For College Students

IMG_2661God is doing some amazing things among university students in DC this summer.  At the beginning of June, Restoration City started to offer a weekly Community Group designed specifically for summer interns and college students.  We had a leader, a lot of hope and absolutely nothing else.  Last Thursday night, 35 college students packed a community room on GW’s campus to study God’s Word.  Just in case you aren’t all that familiar with college in ministry in DC, I can tell you that’s crazy!  I spent seven years of my life serving university students in this city and this kind of thing doesn’t happen all that often.

As a church, we need to be celebrating, thanking God and praying.  The vision of being a church that welcomes college students seems to be coming to life.  Now the question is whether we’ll rise to the moment.

If you have interns in your office, know any college students in the area or are a college student, it’s not too late to get connected to the Community Group.  They will continue to meet every Thursday at 7.30PM in the Community Room of the Potomac House dorm on GW’s campus.  New people show up every week, so don’t hesitate to join in!

Let’s also be praying for three things:

1.  Salvation.  We’ve already seen one student come to faith in Jesus this summer!  But I don’t believe God is done yet.  Let’s keep praying He will draw more into the Kingdom.

2.  Joey Schwartz.  Joey’s doing a summer internship with us and he’s leading the charge with college students.  It’s crazy to see how God is using this guy.  Pray the Lord will continue to give Joey wisdom, joy and boldness as He leads.

3.  Year Round Students.  Many of the students we’re serving are in DC for the summer but will head somewhere else for school.  We’re totally cool with that and grateful for the chance to speak into their lives while they are here.  But we’re also praying God will raise up students from local campuses to carry the charge with us in the fall.  Please be asking God to draw these students to the Community Group.

DC is a college town and, increasingly, I feel like the Lord is leading Restoration City to be a leader in His work on DC college campuses.  I would love to have you praying with me to that end.