Big Step Forward

First Weekly Gathering Of RCC Launch Team

This past Sunday, our journey to plant Restoration City Church entered a new chapter as our Launch Team started to gather weekly as a church.  It was an amazing day and so encouraging to see God bringing this vision to life.

God’s grace was evident in so many ways.  I loved seeing our team open up and welcome a few newer faces into our community.  The way Ben Mann and his production team transformed our meeting space was amazing.  And I had a great time at lunch afterwards!

Over the summer, we are going to stay in a pre-launch mode in preparation for opening our doors this fall.  But if you’re interested in serving with us and bringing this church to life, we would love to connect with you.  Just shoot us an email at

The best part about last Sunday is that we get to do it again this Sunday!

January 19th Interest Meeting In DC

Restoration City Church will be hosting our first interest meeting in Washington, DC on Sunday, January 19th.  If you live in the DC area, want to learn more about RCC and might be interested in joining our launch team, this meeting is for you.  Even if you’re just curious about church planting in general, you are more than welcome to join us.  All we ask is that you RSVP online at:

For the last five months, Laura and I have been recruiting a launch team from The Summit Church in Durham, NC and God has blessed our team beyond all our expectations.  As we’ve been building our team in Durham, we’ve been so encouraged to hear from so many of you in the DC area.  It turns out there are quite a few “Summit Alumni” already in DC as well as friends we’ve known for years.  We would love to tell all of you more about what God has been doing in Durham, what RCC is going to look like and how you can be involved.

We are waiting to hear back from several venues and will confirm the exact time and location of the meeting as soon as we are able.  But I can tell you the meeting will be in the afternoon of the 19th.  So, please, save the date on your calendar.

There is so much ahead for our church and our city.  We would love to see you as we take our first step in DC on the 19th.

For Christ’s Fame In DC,


Our Church Has A City & A Name

God has called Laura and I to lead a team in planting Restoration City Church in Washington, DC.  And, yes, it’s a pretty amazing feeling to actually write those words!

When we started moving down this road in August, we knew the story of what God was doing in our lives would be told in two parts.

The first was clear at the time.  We came to Durham, NC for a 9 month church planting residency with The Summit Church.  We knew God had called us to plant a church, we knew we needed a season of preparation and we knew Summit was the right place for us.  So, we moved our family to Durham.  But we came knowing our time here was limited and preparation for the second part of this journey – actually planting a church.

Laura and I have been praying about planting a church for the last four years.  We’ve spent hours talking about what the church would look like and what kind of culture we wanted to create.  We’ve dreamed about who we would want to plant with and where we could have the greatest impact.  We’ve doodled church names.  We’ve been inspired by friends.  We’ve wrested with fear and doubt.  And through it all, our sense of calling to this work has only increased.

And now it’s time to talk about the church God is calling us to plant.  In May, we will be returning to Washington, DC to plant Restoration City Church in one of the greatest and most strategic cities in the world.  In the weeks and months ahead, I’ll be writing more about what the church will look like, our timetable, why DC, what God is doing in all of this and what I’m learning on this journey.

But for today, I just want to ask for your prayers.  Pray God would be pleased with the church we plant and use us greatly for His glory in our nation’s capital.  That’s our desire.  That’s what we’ve invested our lives in and that’s what we’re believing God for in this new season.

Having a name and a city is an important step in this journey but we know there are so many more in our future.  Our hope for these first steps and all the ones to come is the same – the faithfulness of Jesus to build His church and the power of the Gospel to change everything.  That’ what we’re standing on in these days and that gives us all the assurance we need for the journey.

For Christ’s Fame in DC,


Pastor|Restoration City Church